Close the Garage

Close the Garage

Written By

Sarah Khandjian

I’ve come to love our home automation system. From remotely turning on and off lights to unlocking the front door in just a tap there are so many features I just adore. One of my favorite newest additions to our home automation system is the garage door controller.

With the addition of the garage door controller, I can open and close the door with a tap on the Vivint mobile app. I can also see if it’s open or closed when I’m down the street or across the country. I can monitor its status right from my phone for all those times I drive away and wonder if I closed the garage door. Now I don’t have to wonder! I just open up the app and I can check the status of the door.

These features are definitely convenient but I also rely on them to keep our home safe and secure. Garage doors are often a common entry point for home burglars. For this reason, I find it extra important that our garage door is a part of our home security system. Not only do we keep our cars in the garage, but we also store valuable items such as tools and bikes in there.

The garage door opener has another safety feature built right in. It alerts you (and your pets) when it’s opening or closing by making a beeping noise that is also accompanied with a flashing lighting. If you have a garage at home, I definitely recommend adding a garage door opener to your control system. It’s both convenient and secure!

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