car seats 101

car seats 101

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PJ Feinstein

All eyes were on Prince William last month as he expertly secured his newborn son’s car seat in the back of his black SUV. In an interview with CNN, William admitted that it went so smoothly outside of the hospital because it wasn’t his first time putting the car seat in his vehicle—he practiced beforehand.

For every Prince William who has mastered the car seat, there’s a Kanye West who’s still confused by the safety device. The new dad revealed on Kris Jenner’s talk show that he still couldn’t work his daughter’s car seat very well. Luckily, there are plenty of online resources for befuddled dads like Kanye (and moms!) to research, choose, and install car seats.

Healthy Children, a website from the American Academy of Pediatrics, offers information and frequently asked questions about choosing the most appropriate car seat for your child.

Parents Central is a new site from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) focused on keeping children safe in and around cars—from car seats to car keys. Read about properly installing a car seat and securing your child, plus watch instructional videos.

Safe Kids Worldwide makes it easy to pick and install the correct car seat for your kid with tips, videos, and safety checklists.

However, some parents prefer hands-on help installing their child’s car seat, especially those large, bulky front-facing ones. Whether you need assistance securing a car seat or just want confirmation that you did it correctly, certified child passenger safety (CPS) technicians and free car seat inspection events are easy to find:

  • Find free car seat check-up events in your state on Safe Kids Worldwide.
  • Locate a nearby car seat inspection station on the NHSTA website.
  • Search the NHSTA’s listing of child passenger safety seat inspection locations on SeatCheck.
  • Fill out this form to find a CPS technician in your area who speaks a particular language.
  • Finally, keep the American Academy of Pediatrics’ expert advice in the palm of your hand by downloading their Car Seat Check app, featuring product reviews, installation help, and safety video and audio clips.