burglar-proof your home

burglar-proof your home

Written By

Jessica Harris

Did you know that every 15 seconds a home in the United States is burglarized? If you’re planning to travel for spring break, your home could be at an increased risk while you are away. Protect your home by setting your alarm and implementing these extra tips to keep burglars at bay.

* Stop mail and newspaper delivery or have a friend pick them up regularly. Nothing screams empty house like an overflowing mailbox or cluttered porch.

* Hire someone or have a friend take care of your yard. A well-kept yard is a sign that someone is home and may deter intruders. Also, pruning large trees may keep intruders from accessing the second-story of your home from lower tree limbs. Trimming shrubs also takes away an otherwise good hiding place from intruders.

* Put lights and the radio/television on timers. A natural sequence of lights or radio/television use will help give the appearance that you’re home.

* Don’t hide a spare key. Burglars tend to know common hiding places. Try leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbor instead.

* Avoid putting your last name on your mailbox; it might aid an intruder in locating your phone number and calling to make sure no one is home. On that same note, don’t change your answering machine to say you are on vacation.

* Use motion sensors for exterior lights. Make sure your Vivint sign is in a visible place in your yard.

* Lock all doors and windows. The longer it takes a burglar to enter your home the more likely they are to give up and leave rather than risk getting caught.