5 Ways to Ensure a Secure Pool With Smart Home Tech

5 Ways to Ensure a Secure Pool With Smart Home Tech

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Matthew Iacopelli

A backyard pool is the place to be during the hot summer months. Nothing beats taking a dive on a sweltering day or splashing around with your kids. However, those same sun-soaked waters that bring so much relaxation and fun can also present some dangers. Pool-related injuries are all-too common, especially among children.

The good news? You can create a secure pool environment with just a few easy, proactive steps. Smart technology and automated home security systems are your best resources for pool safety. Here are five ways you can use today’s cutting-edge tech to keep your backyard pool secure:

Protect your swimming pool

1. Fence it in

Effective doesn’t have to mean complicated. The most obvious way to secure your pool is with a 4-foot-tall fence that has a self-closing and self-locking gate. You can also add a smart door sensor on the gate so you’re alerted whenever it’s opened.

2. Stay in the know

Install door sensors and alarms on all house doors that lead outside to the pool. This way, if a toddler ventures out the door without you knowing it, you’ll get an instant alert and can go catch your little speedster.

3. Watch from wherever

If there are kids around your pool, there should always be an adult watching. An outdoor camera can’t replace true supervision, but you can use a camera to keep an eye on the pool area if you have to step away momentarily. Make sure your wireless camera system gives you a clear view of the pool and the doors and gates that lead to it.

4. Turn on the lights

Motion-sensing outdoor lights are good for more than deterring would-be intruders. If you place this type of light around your pool area, it’ll alert you of possible trouble. Direct the system to light up doors from your house, the fence gate and the pool when motion is detected.

5. Install an underwater alarm

As a last layer of safety, an underwater motion alarm can alert you when someone enters the pool. When the sensor detects motion underwater, it sets off a loud alarm around the pool area and in the house. This technology will make sure you’ll be able to respond to an emergency situation as quickly as possible.

Kid getting into a pool

When it comes to maintaining a secure pool area, it’s all about being prepared for the worst-case scenario. Smart home technology, including many Vivint products, gives you peace of mind because you know you’ll be alerted if a dangerous situation unfolds. Plus, having a robust, comprehensive pool security system in place means that if your kids get past one safety measure, there are backups to keep them safe.

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