our mission

our mission

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Tiffany Compton

Great neighborhoods can happen anywhere.

Whether you live on a quiet tree-lined lane or in a bustling high-rise apartment—if you have neighbors, you can have a ‘hood.

All it takes is a little spark of action. After all, “neighbor” isn’t just something you ARE. It’s something you DO.  And there are a million ways to do it. “Neighboring” can be block partying. It can be potlucking. It can be pick-up basketballing and cup-of-sugar borrowing. It can be lost-dog finding. Front porching. Fourth-of-July fireworking. It’s ice breaking. Play date-ing. Yard sale-ing. Honk-and-waving. Capture the flag-ing.  Each others’ back-having.

Wonder where to start? Don’t worry, we can help—with conversations, tips and tools for building communities and bringing folks closer together.

Welcome to The Neighborhood.
Let’s neighbor.

contact us:  neighborhood@vivint.com