world environmental day

world environmental day

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Alix Adams

World Environment Day (WED) is a worldwide celebration for positive environmental action. On June 5th, millions of people across the globe gather for events and party in the name of environmental awareness! What kind of parties? All kinds. In Patiala, India, local students plan to rally with posters about protecting our environment for future generations. The Parco Zoo Falconara in Falconara Marittima, Italy is celebrating by providing games, and posters for zoo visitors. In Barcelona , Spain, people from various professions are meeting together to discuss food waste and ways to minimize it. With the wide variety of celebratory activities all over the world, there is bound to be an exciting and important event for you! Just hop on over to to get more information on WED and see what local activities are going on.

Maybe large events and rally posters aren’t really your thing? No worries—you can celebrate WED in your own home and daily life by making a few simple changes! Here are some environmentally conscious ideas I’m going to incorporate into my life to protect Mother Nature and celebrate WED:

Cut down on my driving

Some days I feel like I make 5 trips out of the house for milk, picking up kids, and who knows what else. I vow to plan better and do it all in one trip. Less driving equals cleaner air!

Turn off the lights and open a window

Do I really need the kitchen light on while I am in the living room? I think not. Could a cool breeze from the window be just as refreshing as air conditioning? Yep. To reduce my gas and electricity use, I’m going to be more conscious about what I leave on and what I should turn off.

Think about the food I buy

You know that package of granola bars that comes in a wrapper, contained in a box, wrapped in plastic, inside another box? What exactly are they trying to protect that granola bar from? Environmental preservation sure doesn’t seem like a priority. My third goal it to buy more locally-made and grown food products and products with sustainable earth-friendly packaging. Less packaging probably means the food is healthier for you anyways! A win-win for your body and Earth!

Plant a garden!

It’s good for the environment and good for the soul. This year I am going to will my thumb into being a green one and do my little part for the planet. Growing a garden cuts out the environmental costs of getting the veggies to your grocery store. It also improves air quality!

So join me! Ride your bike more and drive less. Turn out the lights. Buy more local farmer’s produce. Grow some tomatoes. And give Earth a big hug!