Why Your Home Needs Appliance Control

Why Your Home Needs Appliance Control

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Renee Sylvestre-Williams

Who hasn’t been in the car or on the subway and had that horrifying thought of “Did I leave the stove on?” Instead of turning around, you can allay that fear with appliance control from Vivint. It offers peace of mind because you centralize and control your small appliances remotely from your phone, tablet or computer.

When you have Vivint’s home automation system, you can control your most useful appliances from the convenience of your phone.

Better scheduling

Appliance control works with most small appliances — think coffee pots and machines, curling irons, microwaves, toaster offices and lamps.

Man holds tablet at desk

Vivint’s system providers better features scheduling so your lights can go on at a set time, even if you’re not home. Your home isn’t in the dark, which adds that extra layer of security. Conversely, the lights can be set to go off in the morning right after you leave for work. It’s one less thing to think about before heading out the door!

Keep your home updated

Unlike other smart home security and automation packages, Vivint is a modular-based package. You start with the basic touchscreen Go!Control panel and build up your personalized packages, adding the small appliance control to remotely control lamps, coffee pots and other small appliances.

Save money

We’ve talked about the added security and peace of mind by having remote control of your small appliances, but there’s another benefit — cost savings. With appliance control, you save money when your appliances are turned off, whether remotely or on a timer. That’s dollars back in your pocket every month your energy bill drops!

Ready to take control of your home with smart technology? Contact Vivint today for more information.