start a carpool revolution

start a carpool revolution

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Lisa Anderson Shaffer

One of the things my fellow Bay Area peeps pride themselves on is knowing how to get around. 

We bike, hike, cable car, scoot, bus, and drive. We’ve made ourselves familiar with every mode of transport. If it has wheels, we know how to use it. One trend that has taken off in the past few years has been carpooling. With the rise of gas prices across the country and along the west coast, sharing the burden of commuting costs has become a popular way to shave some cash off the household budget. Plus, there is the added bonus of getting to know your neighbors and coworkers.

There’s no shortage of ways to find a ride in my hometown, but if you’re looking for ways to start your own carpool, here are some tried and true tips to get you going.

  • Get online. is a great place to start if you are interested in seeing the various kinds of carpooling going on across the country. Participants not only post about sharing their work commute, but also invite others to join them for running errands, picking up medications and doctors appointments.
  • Make a plan. Before you approach your neighbors and coworkers, put together a solid proposal. If you are the driver, determine your costs for insurance, gas, tolls, car maintenance, parking, and any other fun additions, like a coffee run.
  • Send a killer invitation. Carpooling can be fun! Invite your neighbors and coworkers on a five days a week commuting adventure. Share the excitement of your mobile workspace, audiobook library on wheels, and awesome taste in music. Hand delivered invitations are always nice, but so is email or just popping a note in your neighbors’ mailboxes to see who might be interested.
  • Once you have a set group of enthusiastic carpool buddies, create your own online group. Whether it’s a blog or a Google Group, create one centralized way for your carpooling friends to contact each other. An online forum is a great way to keep in touch about changes in schedule, vacations, and last minute coffee orders.

Yes, carpooling is a great way to save some hard-earned cash, but it’s also a great way to have some laughs before a long workday and unwind with friends on the way home. Let me know your carpooling adventures. What’s the first audiobook you are cuing up?