sharing your summer harvest

sharing your summer harvest

Written By

Jennifer Cooper

All summer long, I’ve been waiting for it—the late summer harvest. Our months of work and waiting pay off huge with gorgeous tomatoes, cabbage, beets, and carrots. It’s a beautiful sight. This year was particularly good and we’ve ended up with more than our little family can eat. Now the question becomes, what to do with it all? The answer? Share it.

I’m a sucker for presentation. So I sewed up reusable produce bags and created tags to accompany the veggies.

Here’s how you can make your own drawstring bags.

You’ll need:

  • inexpensive muslin
  • baker’s twine or string
  • large safety pin
  • tags

Step 1

Cut pre-washed fabric into large rectangles. 24 inches by 7 inches will do.

Step 2

Fold fabric in half and sew up the side. This will give you a 12 inch by 7 inch rectangle.

Step 3

Fold and press a 1/2 inch along the long side of fabric. It will be the top of the bag. Now, do it again. You’re creating a casing for the string.

Step 4

Sew along the base of the casing you just made.

Step 5

Now sew up the other side of the bag up to the casing. Don’t sew all the way up or you’ll have no hole for the string.

Step 6

Flip the bag right-side out. Tie a length of baker’s twine or string on to a safety pin. Fish the safety pin through the casing.

Step 7

Tie off the twine and add your tag. It’s ready to be filled with fresh vegetables straight from your garden.

Need a no-sew option? Try one of these . . .

  • Place veggies in a metal pail and tie tag to the handle with jute or twine.
  • Fill up a brown bag, fold the top over twice, and punch two holes in the top. Place a string through the holes and add a tag.
  • Take a square piece of muslin, place garden goodies in the center. Pull up the corners. Wrap a piece of string or ribbon around the excess fabric to tie it off.

It doesn’t matter if you share a lot or a little, just the act of sharing shows you care about your neighbors. And having good relations with the neighbors is good for everyone.