secondhand wardrobe week: how to recycle your wardrobe for good

secondhand wardrobe week: how to recycle your wardrobe for good

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Chelsea Foy

Now I’m a fan of a thrift store. Vintage or not, I kind of love searching for those great finds among the bunches and bunches of previously used things. I can totally understand why that’s not for everyone, but this week, we’re hitting you with some creative solutions for recycling your wardrobe for Secondhand Wardrobe Week.

Swap. If you’ve got clothing that you don’t wear any more, set up a swap with some of your stylin’ friends! Invite everyone to bring a few things and make it a party. A little clothing exchange between friends never hurt anyone. And it’s like a free closet makeover!

Repurpose. With clothing that’s worn through or stained, cut it up and use it for rags around the house. If you’re crafty, take some nicer things that you don’t wear any more and make them into something else! (An old sweater makes a great pillow sham.) Be creative.

Restyle. If you’ve been dying to learn to sew, here’s your chance. Take something that might not be in fashion and update it. Cut off the sleeves. Add a ruffle. Try something before you just toss it in the trash.

Donate. When all else fails with a piece of wearable clothing, don’t throw it away! Landfills are being pushed to their limits, and textiles are one of the culprits. Take your gently used clothing to a donation center where someone else can give it a second life.