saving energy in the kitchen

saving energy in the kitchen

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Kait Kucy

Hello autumn! We are so ready to spend cool fall days around the kitchen table with family, preparing delicious pumpkin pies, pierogis and banana loaves. It is a time of tradition so whatever you and your family loves to do together, we are willing to bet it has something to do with the kitchen.

While the change of season certainly sees us spending more time indoors and therefore using more energy, it is also time to be more conscious about the energy we are using when we aren’t busying our selves over a hot stove.

There are some very simple ways to cut down on excess energy usage as we move into fall. While some things are unavoidable, like you can’t unplug your refrigerator each night, you can make sure that overall you aren’t wasting any energy sources.

For daily use, I definitely recommend unplugging all of your excess appliances – by that I mean toasters, coffee machines, electric kettles, stand mixers and anything else that requires you plug it in to work. While they may not be toasting bread while you sleep, these small appliances are draining energy from your home, all the while.

Another great daily tip is to keep your cooktop burners clean every day so that it heats up your pots evenly. This is an easy daily fix to keep one of your most important appliances running smoothly.

Try installing an eco-friendly night light in a high traffic area of your kitchen so that when you or a family member gets up in the night for water or a snack, they don’t have to turn on the overhead lights. A night light will totally do the trick and you’ll probably keep your family out of the fridge longer thanks to the glaring refrigerator light!

A great challenge to take on this autumn with your family is to prepare your baking or cooking completely by hand. We take for granted how many small appliances we use on a daily basis. Try a hand mixer instead of bringing out your big Kitchenaid mixer. Or sift the flour using a sieve. It is not too long ago that we didn’t all have these modern conveniences so it is easy to forget how fun it can be to do it all by hand. Plus, with all that elbow grease combined with the whole saving energy aspect, whatever you are baking will taste that much sweeter…