making every day earth day

making every day earth day

Written By

Jessica Harris

Earth Day is almost here! In fact, since it’s just around the corner, you might be wondering what you can do to get involved. Because as author Wendell Barry so famously said, “The earth is what we all have in common.” So here’s a list of 50 things you can do to make a difference. You can also download, print, and display our awesome Earth Day posters here.

  1. Clean up a river, lake, or stream
  2. Pick up trash off a beach or roadside
  3. Sponsor a community clean-up day
  4. Get rid of graffiti
  5. Make a pledge
  6. Serve “ecosnacks”
  7. Write your congressman
  8. Host a household waste recycling program (gas, paint, solvents, batteries, motor oil)
  9. Write an Earth Day article for your blog and share it on Twitter, Facebook, or other social sites
  10. Make your own earth-friendly cleaners
  11. Grow a vegetable garden
  12. Reduce the amount of electricity you use
  13. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth
  14. Give your yard a native-plant makeover
  15. Adjust your thermostat
  16. Turn your water heater down
  17. Fix leaky faucets and pipes
  18. Buy less; reuse things you already have
  19. Plant a tree, bush, or flower
  20. Buy in bulk
  21. Skip the elevator; use the stairs
  22. Wear green or brown
  23. Hold a freecycle or swap meet
  24. Walk, bike, or take the bus to work
  25. Take a faster shower
  26. Hang your clothes dry
  27. Choose minimally packaged products
  28. Start recycling
  29. Choose reusable grocery bags
  30. Talk about Earth Day and help spread the word
  31. Read a “green” book
  32. Watch a nature movie
  33. Power down and unplug appliances
  34. Check windows and doors for leaks
  35. Go paperless
  36. Replace standard lightbulbs with CFLs
  37. Buy local
  38. Use candles for a day
  39. Make nature crafts, like birdfeeders
  40. Buy a carbon offset fund
  41. Beautify your home, school, or community
  42. Host a 5k run and donate the proceeds
  43. Join an environmental organization
  44. Check out the official Earth Day Network website
  45. Get involved in the A Billion Acts of Green campaign
  46. Look up and learn about Earth Day founder Senator Gaylord Nelson
  47. Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your driveway or sidewalk
  48. Keep your blinds closed to save on air conditioning
  49. Replace air filters in furnaces and air conditioners
  50. My personal favorite: adopt a whale (or any animal, really . . . I just LOVE whales)

And most importantly, remember to get out and enjoy the earth! Let me know in the comments what you plan to do to make a difference this Earth Day.