let’s go green

let’s go green

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Sarah Khandjian

It seems like eco-friendly items are popping up everywhere I look. You can buy reusable sandwich bags, biodegradable trash bags, and even bamboo plates and cups. For all the items that I use daily that aren’t inherently eco-friendly, I choose to recycle. My city offers super convenient weekly recycling pickup at my home. However, when I previously lived in an apartment, I had to take my recyclable items monthly to the city’s recycling center.

There are so many items we use everyday that can be recycled. Many items are easy to identify because they have an imprint of the recycle symbol. There are several items that may not have a recycling symbol on them that can be recycled too. I created a recycling guide that you can download and print that identifies what common household items can be recycled. There are two copies per sheet so you can place them throughout your home. I place one on the refrigerator to remind my husband and I which food items we should rinse and recycle. I placed the second guide next to the metal bins, in our garage, as a helpful reminder to double check what’s in the bins.

If your town doesn’t supply recycling bins, you can easily make your own. I purchased small metal trash cans at my local home important store and created labels to identify which items go in each bin. Just download the labels and print them on sticker paper and cut them out.

Let’s help reduce the amount of landfill waste by getting our families and our neighbors in the habit of recycling!