landscaping for fall

landscaping for fall

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Jennifer Cooper

Fall is an amazing time for gardening. The cooler temperatures are perfect for a variety of flowers and ornamentals. Plus, the cooler temps also mean we’re more likely to get out into the garden to enjoy it. Summer heat can be brutal. And let’s just talk about the fall color in a garden for moment, can we? Show stopping!

Here are a few landscaping tips to get your garden fall ready.

Replace annuals

Look around. Has the long summer caused any of your annuals to become leggy? Tear them out and start fresh with cool weather lovers like pansies and ornamental cabbages. Keep in mind that pansies planted in the fall can come back in the spring for those living in milder areas, so choose a color you’ll want popping up next year.

Check out those perennials

In many places across the country, fall is a good time to put in new perennials. Plus, you can score some sales! Choose plants that will give you multi-season color all year long.

Color! Contrast! Color!

Play around with your plants. Arrange them for contrast, color, and texture to optimize the wow factor.

Go to the container

Containers are the perfect way to squeeze in more color and add varying height to your garden.

Evergreen it up

Variety is the spice of life and garden. Add some green to your palette all season long with a few evergreens. That green will be mighty cheery come winter.

Put a cover on it

We can’t forget about ground cover, now can we? Not only does a nice ground cover provide a blanket of color, it keeps out weeds meaning you’ll spend less time next year battling dandelions and other uninvited garden guests.

The finishing touch

Fall screams, “decorate me!” With Halloween and Thanksgiving you won’t want to forget leaving room for pumpkins, luminaries, and scarecrows.

For those of you gardeners out there, any tips we missed? Let us know in the comments. Until then, see you in the garden!