going green in 2014: it has a nice ring to it, right?

going green in 2014: it has a nice ring to it, right?

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Jessica Harris

There are so many advances that are picking up speed in the going-green movement. Public restrooms are sporting dyson hand dryers, and cars that span from Toyota Camry to BMW are coming out in hybrid and even all-electric versions. Green used to be nerdy, tree-huggerish, and only for hippies. But that’s a thing of the past. Green is cool, and it’s here to stay.

So what can you expect to see more of in 2014? You’ll see more establishments rewarding green behavior. That means companies that give you a credit for opting into paperless statements, and businesses that offer parking stalls just for environmentally-friendly vehicles. Green-conscious retailers will pat shoppers on the back who bring reusable bags in by giving them discounts.

Cloth diapers are coming back into popularity with a fury, as well as newer trends like paperless kitchens and using essential oils for cleaning and treating mild sickness. Solar panels are dotting neighborhoods across the world and are saving people money while creating energy more safely.

So, what if you’re not quite ready to give up paper towels and pampers for your baby? You can join in the green movement by doing simple things like recycling, turning off lights in rooms you’re not in, and not idling your car in parking lots. A little goes a long way, and every little bit helps!