get your green-clean on

get your green-clean on

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Jessica Harris

As I ease into my new role as housewife/homemaker, I’ve been doing all sorts of research and information gathering on sites like mommy blogs, DIY blogs, foodie forums, and Pinterest. Cooks Illustrated, one of my most trusted sources for test-kitchen perfected recipes, is also one of my favorites for finding out about the latest and greatest kitchen knickknacks. One day while perusing their site, I noticed they had featured Method’s all-purpose cleaner as their highest recommended choice for combating kitchen grime. My impression of green cleaning products had always been something along the lines of more expensive, less effective, and weird smelling. But if Cooks Illustrated ranked it higher than Lysol, Fantastik, Simple Green, Clorox, Mr. Clean, and 409’s all-purpose cleaners, it was undoubtedly worth trying. I stored it away in my mental to-buy list and went on with my life.

Well, a couple weeks later, I was catching up on my Google reader, and I spotted Method’s daily granite cleaner on DIY blogger House of Smith’s list of favorite things. “That’s it,” I said to myself, “I’ve gotta go to Target TODAY to buy this stuff.”  It’s important to note that while I think being green is great and all, I’ve never been one to go to great lengths to switch my life into environmentally-friendly mode. For example, I think shopping for only organic groceries and paying triple the price for an unregulated “organic” sticker is silly. That said, I’m certainly not opposed to going green, especially if it’s cheaper and works better.

True to my proclamation, I ran right to Target that afternoon and purchased Method’s all-purpose cleaner in grapefruit because it was pink (guilty of always making the girly-girl choice) and Method’s daily granite cleaner. I am now a walking unpaid testimonial and Method cleaning product enthusiast. I LOVE this stuff! I’ve only bought two products but my $8 total investment ($5 for the granite cleaner and $3 for the all-purpose cleaner) was, I daresay, the best $8 I’ve spent on cleaning products, ever. Both cleaners smell fresh and pleasant but not overpowering, and the all-purpose spray cleaned my microwave dramatically well. I’m not exaggerating when I say I could see my reflection in my granite after I used the granite cleaner.

Do you have any cleaning products, green or not, that you love? Share them with us!