garage sale mapping around earth day

garage sale mapping around earth day

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Ryan Foy

You guys probably all think that I’m a hipster by now, what with my vinyl obsession and all. I swear I’m not, but another hipster pastime I enjoy is heading out on Saturday mornings in search of awesome finds at garage sales. My wife is the perfect partner in crime, because she loves it too; our favorite finds are things that we can up-cycle and use in our home. Lucky for us, around Earth Day we don’t look like hipsters, but instead look like we are doing the planet a favor by saving old treasures from the landfill.

If you’d like to do your part and jump on the Earth Day bandwagon, head out this weekend and hit up all of your neighborhood yard sales. But before you go, make sure you have a map of all the good sales instead of just driving in circles and hunting for signs on telephone poles.

We used to spend hours on Craigslist mapping out where all the good estate sales were and then we would add them manually to a Google Map. Which is fine, if you’re into that sort of thing. But a few weekends ago, we discovered that there are a ton of apps out there that will do all that work for you. My favorite is Yard Sale Treasure Map, a great little web app that lets you put in your address and looks at all the sales within a 2 to 50 mile radius. Enter in your information, and it will even map out which sales to go to first. It also loads the Craigslist descriptions on the map so you can see what time the sale starts and what kind of items they are offering.

By using the new technology tools available to you, suddenly those early bird garage sale hunters aren’t so intimidating and you can swoop in to snag your very own bocce ball set or pair of old roller skates. And if you are like me you won’t be able to pass up that vinyl copy of The Chipmunk’s Christmas.