everyone doing their part

everyone doing their part

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Sara Seamons

I’m sure you know that most of us use a ton of energy in our homes. In fact, the average American household consumes 958 kilowatt hours of electricity a month. But did you also know that just a few small changes can decrease your energy use up to 25%? And every member of your family can get involved. Here are some tips (and keep in mind that most of these really apply to everyone):


Even kids can get involved in saving energy. Turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth. Don’t leave the fridge hanging open when you’re looking for a snack. Turn off the lights when you walk out of a room and only use one lamp at a time. If you’re using anything that plugs in, use it, turn it off, then unplug it.


I can think of quite a few for this group in the family. When getting ready for the day, why not shower for 10 minutes instead of 45? Or how about using warm water instead of scalding hot water? Major sacrifice, I know, but it’s a change that goes a long way. And what about air-drying your hair instead of blasting the hairdryer for another half hour? On a different note, teens spend lots and lots of energy on their tech toys. Try using one electronic device at a time and turning off whatever you’re not using. They’ll stay charged longer.


And of course Mom and Dad can get involved too. Try not to fall asleep with the TV going and the lights on; use electronics only when you’re paying attention to them. Also make an effort to run the sprinklers early in the morning or late at night to prevent evaporation. Your lawn will need less water to be healthy, and you won’t be using water during peak hours. You can also run your dish washer and washer and dryer during non-peak electricity hours (after 9:00 p.m.).


If you have a pet that stays inside part or all of the time, you might be spending a lot of energy keeping your thermostat cool or warm enough during the day. Instead of cranking the air, try insulation. Insulate your doors and windows and install an energy-efficient dog or cat door. If it’s burning outside, leave on a ceiling fan, close the blinds, and leave out plenty of water for your pet. If it’s freezing outside, open up the blinds and make sure your pet has a warm, comfy place to stay.

How does your family try to save energy around the house?