easy and green gift wrap

easy and green gift wrap

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Chelsea Foy

Are you wrapping gifts yet? Being the holiday fan that I am, it’s always a balance trying to celebrate to the fullest and also not be consumed by consumerism and wastefulness. One of the ways that I combat those things is by coming up with some out-of-the-box (get it?) wrapping ideas. Read on for gift-wrapping tips that are easy, low-cost, and nice & green.

Kraft paper is your new best friend. You can get a roll of this recyclable stuff at office supply stores, craft stores, and home improvement stores. It’s cheap, reusable, and you can do about a zillion things to decorate it – it’s like a beautiful blank canvas.

Paper grocery bags are one step better because they’re free. For the few weeks leading up to the holidays ask for paper bags at the grocery store. To wrap with them, just gently pull them apart at the seams and cut off the uneven edges. Decorate with a gorgeous bow, or make a bow out of the paper bag!

Newspaper is a tried-and-true wrapping paper substitute. Also recyclable, it’s easy to scrounge up from around the house. I actually love the look of a newsprint-clad gift, especially with a colorful bow or a little glitter.

Make the gift the wrapping with things like kitchen towels. Tie a new kitchen towel artfully around a couple of pretty coffee mugs, and it’s a gorgeous gift that doesn’t need any wrapping at all.

Skip the paper altogether and just add a bow. I received a blanket wrapped this way once and it was one of my favorites! This one might apply only to certain gifts, but definitely looks perfect on the right one.

Happy holidays, and happy giving!