Best Plants for Growing in Any Environment

Best Plants for Growing in Any Environment

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Deborah Abrams Kaplan

When you visit another region, it’s fun to look at the plants to see what’s unique. For the most part, you won’t find the same plants in Arizona that you’ll find in Vermont. They’re different climates, and the flora is representative. That said, the best plants make their way around the world, just like foods do. People bring plants with them when they move. While temperature and regional weather patterns can impact your garden’s success, there are certain plants that thrive in other ecosystems.

Here are some popular plants to consider for the garden of your new smart home that grow well in many environments or planting zones.

Perennial flowers

Bergenia is one of the best plants for hardiness, and it can be planted in a variety of zones due to its tolerance to extreme weather. You can plant it in the ground or containers. The leaves are large, sometimes called elephant’s ears, and the pretty flowers grow on thick stems. When fully grown, the plants can be 2 feet tall.

Bergenia plants are hardy

Shrubs and grasses

The Jules Verne Peony is a shrub, but it has rich, fragrant red or pink flowers. It can be planted in virtually any planting zone, but thrives in daytime sun with afternoon shade. It also grows as high as 32 inches. Green Mountain Boxwood is another shrub that could be a good choice. It grows slowly and into a pyramid shape. It eventually gets about 5 feet tall.

Elijah Blue Fescue is a lovely ornamental grass, with blue/gray grass stems. Plant a few together for a more interesting look. It’s a drought-tolerant and durable plant.

Deer-resistant plants

yarrow is deer-resistant

Deer are lovely to watch, but when they start eating your plants, you may change your mind about how much you like them. Get deer-resistant plants, and your foliage won’t be eaten away by the local visitors. Yarrow is a favorite because it has beautiful, tiny flowers, and is also drought-tolerant. It attracts butterflies, too. Another popular option is heliotrope, with its deep-hued purple flowers that have a lovely fragrance, but are also low maintenance. Lavender is also deer-resistant and hardy for several zones. You know lavender best for its strong scent, but its grassy, shrub appearance with stalks of purple blooms is great to admire.

Heliotrope is deer-resistant

Container plants

If you choose the right plants, using containers often allows the growth to continue throughout the season. One of the best plants for this is Golden Sword Yucca, which thrives in a number of planting zones, and has great shape and texture. This can be planted in the ground as well, and grows white flowers that jut up on stalks from the center. Golden Creeping Jenny is a fun one for containers because it’s vine-like, and it’ll spill over the side. Succulents are good for containers, too. String of Bananas is a hardy succulent that does well in heat, and it can survive below freezing temperatures.

Golden sword yucca is hardy for a variety of temperatures

When planning out your garden, check with your nursery to find out ideas for the best plants for your area. They may suggest some of the plants above, or they may have some others to recommend. Just make sure that the plants you use are suitable for your environment!

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