what makes a great neighbor

what makes a great neighbor

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Tiffany Compton

I just moved into my first home, and I am so excited for everything that goes along with a new place. I have been unpacking, arranging, and basically making this house my home. The one thing I didn’t really think about until I started to settle in was what kind of neighbor I want to be. I definitely don’t want to be one of those neighbors that you see and give a fake smile and a head nod or the occasional, “Hey Neighbor!” I want to be that neighbor that people go, “I’m so glad she’s my neighbor.”

A lofty goal—I know. So I started doing what everyone does these days: I started a Pinterest board for of the best neighbor gifts and cards I could find. Gifts and cards are great for some people, but I think there are some basic things you can do that are slightly simpler to be a great neighbor. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Be friendly – A smile, a wave, or a simple “Hey Neighbor” goes a long way in letting someone know that you are a part of the community and care about the others there.
  • Be helpful – Offering to carry something, holding a gate or door, helping move something—they might seem like little gestures, but they can make a huge difference in someone’s day.
  • Watch out for each other – Not in a creepy Mrs. Kravitz type way, but in a helpful “I’ve got your back” way. Community support is invaluable.
  • Give notice – If you are starting construction, throwing a raging party, or having band practice in your basement, make sure your neighbors are aware.  Everyone will appreciate the warning.
  • Volunteer – Giving your time and effort to make your environment a better place is good for you and your neighborhood.

I am still aiming to be the dream neighbor. Thankfully we have this amazing download of gift tags for new neighbors. I will definitely be using it to welcome the newbies to the neighborhood and hopefully reaching dream neighbor status.