what i love about my neighborhood – halloween

what i love about my neighborhood – halloween

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Jennifer Cooper

Halloween is high on my list of favorite holidays. It’s a night of dressing up, having fun and did I mention the free candy? When my husband and I got married, I was excited to celebrate Halloween in our first place together. I decorated and bought loads and loads of candy. I sat by the door and not a knock came.

As I sat there eating my way through a bag of snack size Snickers bars, I decided that I’d make sure the next place we lived took Halloween a little more seriously.

When we moved two years later into our current home, I asked neighbors the important question: How serious were they about Halloween? I was assured it was a pretty big deal. Score!

I ran out and purchased not one, but two bags of candy. Oh yes, I would be prepared. Halloween could bring it.

I think you know where this story is going. Clearly, I was not prepared. I had no idea that you could have that many trick-or-treaters. The neighbors next door, took pity on me and lent me some of their candy.

We laughed and bonded over my rookie mistake. And I knew then and then that this was the neighborhood I had always wanted to live in. Up and down the street, the neighbors were outside on their porches chatting it up with other neighbors, discussing important things like, how much snow we were going to get, and who was selling their home to move to the fancier side of town?

As the years rolled on, Halloween became a celebration for our kids. I saw through new eyes, how Halloween was really a community holiday. And now, instead of sharing their candy with me, my neighbors set aside special treats for my kids. It’s been a joy to watch the kid grow up in a place where they see what community means. Sure it means helping each other out, being courteous and connected, but it also means, opening up your door and giving gifts to the next generation of werewolves and witches, Jedi knights and princesses.

I really do love my neighborhood.