welcome to the neighborhood

welcome to the neighborhood

Written By

Sarah Khandjian

Has someone recently moved into your neighborhood?

Show them some neighborly kindness and make this simple homemade gift. This potted plant gift is a great way to recycle aluminum cans and help your neighbors decorate their box-filled home!

First download, print, and cut out the “Welcome to the Neighborhood” gift tags. Then wash an empty aluminum can. Use a nail and hammer to punch a hole in the bottom of the can to allow for drainage. Use any type of card stock or scrapbook paper and cut a rectangle that is the height of the can and slightly longer than its circumference (so the paper overlaps a bit). Use double-stick tape to attach the paper wrap to the can.

Fill the can with a small amount of potting soil then place the plant in the can. Succulent plants are great because they don’t need to be watered often and can live indoors or outdoors. For the finishing touch, use string or ribbon to attach the tags to the can. Now head over to your new neighbor’s house and welcome them to the neighborhood