unpacking gift

unpacking gift

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Tiffany Compton

I was so excited to move into my new place.  It had just been renovated so it was a clean slate, fresh start.  I love having everything clean and empty.  It feels like a canvas before you add the first stroke of paint.  We loaded boxes and arrived at the new place ready to get everything together.  Guess what wasn’t there? Everything.  The one million things it would be nice to have while you are unpacking.  So I decided for the next poor excited sucker that moves into my neighborhood, I will get them a bucket of essentials so I know they won’t be where I was: at the store every 5 minutes.  Here are a few things that would have been great to have:

Box cutter
Paint brushes
Moving In CD—tunes are a must
Clorox wipes
Food and drink
Pad of paper and pen

Jessica created this lovely printable label for the occasion. 

The perfect way to welcome someone to the neighborhood.  What will you put in your welcome kit for the neighbors?