the annual neighborhood snowball fight

the annual neighborhood snowball fight

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Lexy Ward

Every child on the block goes crazy during the first snow of the season. There’s something so magical about running around outside in freezing weather and catching snow on your tongue. Perhaps the most memorable parts of each winter are the snowball fights. Everyone has a blast when they get to throw snow at each other. Things can get competitive, but it’s all in good fun!

My husband and I like to join in when our neighbor kids are having a go around. We are children at heart and we take snowball fights very seriously. Aside from coloring our snow, we bring supplies to make our snowballs top notch. This year, start a new tradition on your street. Gather adults and children together for an annual snowball fight!

Here are a few suggestions to kick the winter off right:

Recruit Some Players – Make flyers and go door-to-door to find some kids to join your team. Get the word out to other parents via invitation (or Evite, if that’s more convenient!). Have your children ask their friends at school. The more people involved the more fun you’ll have.

Color The Snow – You can choose as many teams as you like. Give each team a territory and color the snow surrounding their territory. Fill a squirt bottle with water and add a little food coloring. You can write words, draw images, or color the snow balls. The sky is the limit!

Color The Teams – Have each team wear their dedicated color. Green scarves. Red mittens. Blue hats. It will be easy to target your enemies if you know what to look for. This is serious business!

Reward Everyone – While wars in the snow can get a little intense, make sure to reward both teams in the end. Set up a hot chocolate station in someone’s driveway. Every warrior will be warmed right up when sipping on some flavored hot cocoa and homemade marshmallows. If you want to go the extra mile, you can create little favors for everybody. A few of my favorites can be found here and here.

What winter traditions does your neighborhood have? Do you guys go to war in the snow? We’d love to hear!