thanksgiving mad lib

thanksgiving mad lib

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Janaan Weaver

Happy Thanksgiving!  Luckily for me, someone else is handling the menu planning which left me time to think about some Thanksgiving entertainment.  Do you have any games you play on Thanksgiving? For my family, we are usually concentrated on eating and watching football and…did I mention eating? This year, I thought it’d be fun to find a simple, quick and entertaining activity for everyone.  By making it simple and easy, it leaves time and energy to focus on other holiday activities, like napping.

Do you remember doing Mad Libs as a kid? These were my road trip entertainment of choice (before iPod Touches and iPads – we had to use our imagination!) It was so much fun to come up with crazy adjectives and silly nouns.  For this Thanksgiving, I created a little Mad Lib for everyone to play. Just fill in the form with the things asked for, the cleverer the better, and then read them out loud around the dinner table or while you’re waiting for the turkey to cook. It’s also fun to do this in a group and ask other people to give you words.

Just download and print as many times as you’d like.