thanksgiving gift for your neighbors

thanksgiving gift for your neighbors

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Aimee Gertsch

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to show your appreciation to friends, family, and yes, your neighbors. Creating a fun and simple gift of thanks is not only a great way to meet new neighbors, but it’s also a nice way to keep connected to neighbors who have been there through the years.

Apples are delicious at this time of the year, and because they are so wonderful, we usually fill our turkey basket completely full of apples. If you can find them from a local grower that is even better, and you will likely get a better deal buying locally as well!

Of course, you can fill your turkey basket with a variety of fruit, candy, baked goods, or even cute dishtowels. If your neighbors have pets, be sure to include a little something for them as well.

To create your turkey baskets you will need small bushel baskets (you can usually find these at a craft store, or even at a grocery store), bamboo skewers, fun colored paper and solid colored cardstock paper, a wooden spoon, plastic eyes, glue, and some tissue paper.

Start by cutting several “feathers” from the patterned paper, and then cut the same shapes out of a solid colored cardstock. The solid color will be your backing, and will help the feathers stay upright. Sandwich a skewer between a solid feather and a patterned feather, it is easier to first tape the skewer to the solid color and then glue the patterned paper on top. When you have all of your feathers dry and ready, glue the skewer to the inside of the basket so the feathers are sticking up.

Now it’s time to create a turkey face on the wooden spoon by gluing on two eyes, and creating a beak from yellow paper and a waddle from red paper. Be sure to use the back of the spoon (the flat side) for the face. Once the face is dried, glue the wooden spoon; face forward on the front of your basket.

Next comes the fun part! Fill your basket with goodies! I usually add some tissue paper first, and then add in the apples. Once they are filled and ready to go, it’s time to deliver them to the lucky recipients.  Your neighbors are sure to be surprised and delighted to receive a gift at Thanksgiving time!