thanksgiving buffet with leftovers

thanksgiving buffet with leftovers

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Heather Mildenstein

Thanksgiving feasts are a time to sit down, indulge, and not think about counting calories. One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is that you get to continue eating the feast for days upon days. In most cases, Thanksgiving dishes taste even better the next day!

The last thing we want to be doing the day after Thanksgiving is more cooking! I suggest using your leftovers for a lunch buffet the next day. I know that leftover buffets aren’t an original idea, but what if you re-worked some of the dishes into other delicious and creative meals? There are hundreds of ideas, but I like to keep things simple. This Thanksgiving we will be turning our Thanksgiving leftovers into gourmet toasted turkey sandwiches with a cranberry mayonnaise spread. The thing I love about making these sandwiches is that it’s super quick and easy, yet tastes like it was a lot of work.

Simply toast some bread or leftover rolls, put on the cranberry spread (recipe found below) then pile turkey, cheese, lettuce, onions, whatever else you want onto the sandwich, and enjoy!

The cranberry spread really makes the sandwich unique! Here’s how to make it:
Combine equal parts mayonnaise and leftover cranberry sauce, preferably the kind with whole berries. If you don’t have the whole berry variety, that’s ok! Mix, and taste. You may need to add an extra spoonful of cranberry sauce to give it more of a kick. Not a mayo fan? Fear not; this doesn’t taste like mayonnaise at all! It makes for a delicious, zany kick for the sandwich! Your family and guests will love it!