summer is here, welcome it

summer is here, welcome it

Written By

Erin Boyle

One of my favorite things about summer is the spontaneity that warmer weather encourages. When it’s warm and sunny out, it’s easy to make a last-minute decision to have dinner at the park or take an afternoon hike. But like anything else, it can also be easy to let opportunities for merry-making slip by. To my mind, there’s nothing sadder than reaching the last days of August and realizing that you never did make it to the free outdoor concert series or take that after-work bike ride. Here are a few things that are on my list of summertime must-dos and my tricks for actually making them happen.

Organize a picnic:

Planning a picnic with friends is terrific because you have to be accountable to each other. Divvy up the menu among friends and have everyone be responsible for bringing a key part of the picnic. Plans are less likely to fall through if you know other people are waiting on your tablecloth and signature salad!

Treat free events like they’re something you paid for:

It doesn’t matter if you live in the middle of a big city or a small town, in many places warm weather means free outdoor movies and concerts. This is great for my budget but can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to following through on a plan to attend. My best advice: stick a local calendar of events on your fridge and keep it there! Circle the events you most want to attend and add those to your work calendar. Then just pretend like you’d be losing out if you didn’t go (which, of course, you would be)!

Plan Ahead:

Summer is the time when some of my very favorite foods come into season. This summer, I’m making a list of my favorite summertime foods and finding a recipe to make from them, in advance of the season. In New York, that means strawberries in June, blueberries in July, and peaches in August. I’m not letting the seasons pass without making something special from each of them.

Be prepared:

Whether its tuning up your bicycle or dusting off your bocce ball set, or making sure you have a bathing suit that fits, preparing your warm weather accouterments for their time in the sun is key to taking advantage of what summer has to offer. Because even though you could take an impromptu dip in the local lake sans suit, you might be more likely to join in the fun if you have one.