streamlining the holidays: gift wrapping

streamlining the holidays: gift wrapping

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Heather Mildenstein

How many times have you shopped your heart out for those perfect gifts, sorted those amazing goodies into piles, pulled out that bag or box filled with all the various wrapping papers, ribbons, labels, bows and tapes, only to find it all in such a bungled mess that that you end up having to cut your way out of the tangle ribbon, through away smashed bows, and find that your once-beautiful paper is wrinkled and not so beautiful any more?  Your joy and good will may just have turned into frustration and anger. Well, we’ve had the same problems so we’ve compiled some ideas from the experts and are gifting those ideas to you!   

Domaine gives us a list of essentials to start with and we’ve added a couple of our own to the list:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbon/Twine
  • Bows Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Cards and/or card stock
  • Labels
  • Hole punch
  • Tissue paper
  • Metallic or felt tip pens
  • Gift tags

Domaine has come to the conclusion that it’s a good rule of thumb to have at least three kinds of wrapping paper: a metallic, a neutral, and a fun graphic or color.  Something as simple as a metallic gold or silver Sharpie can make for some glamorously written notes and personalized wrapping paper.

Do you not want to pull out your long box of paper from under the bed each time you want to wrap during the holidays?  Use a cute umbrella holder or basket that’s not too shallow to keep a few rolls standing vertically – just store it in the corner with your other accessories during the gift-wrapping season.

Amazing Martha (that would be Stewart) suggests that to streamline your wrapping, you should wrap as you buy.  Don’t do like I have personally done since the beginning of time and wrap every item after the kids have all gone to bed on Christmas Eve!  That kind of behavior only guarantees excessive sleep deprivation and tears Christmas morning.  Start wrapping now!  Put sticky notes on the packages so that you don’t forget who gets what.

Martha says also to keep your wrapping paper, tissue paper and twine inside a large bin – large enough to put smaller bins filled with labels, tags and tape inside. You can also use shoeboxes or clear plastic boxes shaped like shoeboxes. No extras floating around having a party in there!

Our third go-to specialist for streamlining is The Unintended Housewife.  She likes keeping things easy, uncluttered and streamlined.  She uses mostly either brown craft paper or plain, white wrapping paper.  She says it’s much cheaper and she would rather spend the money on various colored or patterned ribbons or twine, taking far less space to store than even two or three rolls of paper.

So, pick your strategy – it IS possible to streamline the gift-wrapping of the holidays into an organized and even fun part of gift giving!  Happy Holidays!