Smart Home vs. Wet Bandits

Smart Home vs. Wet Bandits

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Derek Kopp

If you ask me, Kevin McCallister’s biggest tactical error in Home Alone is letting the thieves get into the house. It’s okay, he’s eight and can be forgiven for thinking the best way to handle thieves is to let them in your house and unleash Tom & Jerry shenanigans on them. Heck, if I had the means and know-how at my disposal, it might actually be fun to administer a little punishment via booby trap.

But once you let an intruder into your home, you have surrendered the high ground and all bets are off. Therefore, the best strategy is to use every means possible to keep the would-be thieves from gaining access to the house. This is probably why Vivint SmartHome makes a theft prevention system rather than cell-phone-controllable booby traps.

So how would the Wet Bandits have fared against my smart home? If they were as persistent in going after my place as they were in the movie, they most certainly would have ended up in prison. Let’s play it out…

Casing the Joint

Coming to my house dressed as a cop to see if I’m going out of town would be a bad idea. While my doorbell camera is not a fake cop detector, I would have nice clear footage of him standing on my doorstep in a cop uniform. This would come in handy later during the trial as evidence of his intent and for secondary charges of impersonating a police officer.

The Break-in

Again, with the Vivint Doorbell Camera in place, I sure hope they don’t try the front door. What about the other doors? There are sensors on every door so if they get jimmied open the alarm is going off immediately. Same with the windows, if they should manage to find one unlocked, the alarm will go off as soon as it is opened. What about a dog door? If they could squeeze through it, the motion detector would immediately spot them and activate the alarm. If they try to smash a window, the glass break detector will get them.

The Rummage

Any normal thief who didn’t want to go to jail would hit the road as soon as an alarm was activated. That’s the whole point and the reason the Vivint SmartHome system is so effective. But if they were as stupidly persistent as the Wet Bandits and really wanted my VCR, the off-site monitoring feature of the Vivint SmartHome system would make sure they were busted. As soon as the alarm goes off, all my cameras begin recording and Vivint SmartHome reaches out via phone and through the control panel to assess the situation. Once they figure out that a burglary was in progress, the police would be on their way and the cameras would be capturing all the evidence needed to put the bad guys away.

Keeping intruders outside is the best approach to securing your home and the Vivint SmartHome system does a great job of that. Still, if they decide to make some of those wireless booby traps, I’m definitely buying. Would you like to test your Home Alone knowledge and enter to win some prizes? Visit