random acts of neighboring – roundup

random acts of neighboring – roundup

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Heather Mildenstein

I can just feel spring peeking around the corner, just waiting to come! I love spring because it gets me in the mood to go and do things! Maybe it’s because winter keeps me cooped up for months, and I sit and stir about everything that I want to do when things start to look warmer outside. Random acts of neighboring can happen all year round, and springtime is the perfect time to really kick it into gear and do nice things for your neighbor. There are so many great ideas of random things we can do for our neighbors on the web, and I’ve found a few of my favorite ideas to get started. From bringing treats, to thank-you notes, to garden help, the ideas are endless!

Leave a nice note – Telling your neighbor about an event happening in the neighborhood or a simple “hello” is always a great way to brighten up someone’s day.

Bake sweet treats to drop by – No one refuses delicious baked goods! Leave a plate of goodies on your neighbor’s porch for when they get home from work. These orange juice cookies look like the perfect treat to bake and take!

Make door hangers telling the neighbors how you feel – These simple cards (with free download) are so easy to make and would sure make the neighbors happy when they come home and see it hanging on their door!

Go green and package up some epsom salts for your neighbor’s garden – There are a lot of benefits to using epsom salts in the garden and lawn. Put some salts in a cute package with instructions on how to use them for your neighbor. (See link for benefits and instructions.)

Put together a children’s art kit for the neighbor kids – Did someone have a baby in the neighborhood? Or maybe get sick and need something for the kids to do? Gather some art supplies (you can find great items at the dollar store!) and take it over. It will get the kids busy and take stress off of the mom in need. (See link for art supply ideas.)

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