random acts of neighboring

random acts of neighboring

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Sarah Khandjian

Every day is a great day to start showing an extra dose of kindness and generosity to your neighbors. But if you had to pick a time to start really putting this into practice, now is a great time because January 19th is National Day of Service. So before you rush to work or your normal daily activities, stop and take a minute to do something nice for your neighbors.

Whether you shovel their driveway, run an errand for them, or even bring them a batch of warm homemade cookies today, let them know you appreciate them by leaving them a little note. We’ve created these printable random acts of neighboring cards so you can stash them in their mailbox or even tape them to their front door and leave a note for them. There’s a space for you to write a short message and record the date. It’s a modern calling card that will sure to make them smile and be glad you’re neighbors.

What will be your first random act of neighboring today?