Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Printable Holiday Gift Tags

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Chelsea Foy

For me, the most stressful parts of the holidays are the tiny details. Things that you forget, like refilling the ice trays for your party or getting new tights because yours have a hole or picking up gift tags. I always, always forget gift tags. So in an effort to lighten your holiday load, I put together a printable sheet of some lovely little gift tags that you can use in a pinch. (Or not in a pinch, and just because they’re pretty!)

Inspired by these gorgeous hand-drawn wreaths from Tristan at Besotted Blog, I wanted to make something that evoked my favorite parts of the season. I love the rustic feel and the simplicity of the words. Isn’t it interesting how sometimes the simplest things can be the most powerful?

In any case, please download these and use them in your holiday wrapping. Just print them on white cardstock, cut around the borders, and punch a hole on the top. You can either write on the back of the tags or use a metallic or white pen to write on the fronts. (Silver looks particularly pretty!) Just turn on some holiday music, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, and have a lovely time. Happy holidays!


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