pack the perfect red wagon

pack the perfect red wagon

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Sara Seamons

As per tradition, the Fourth of July is a time for going to see the fireworks. But before you pack up your kids and race off to celebrate freedom, you may want to pause and think about some things you’ll want to take with you. Here are some ideas:

Lots and LOTS of water—Whether you’re participating in midday July Fourth activities or going early to the fireworks show, make sure everyone stays hydrated. Extra water will also be useful for splashing on your faces, putting out sparklers before throwing them away, and dousing any burned fingers.

Cooler—It doesn’t have to be big, but pack your cooler with plenty of ice to keep your snacks fresh and to cool off your crew. If some of the ice ends up down the backs of your kiddos shirts, so be it.

Food—Fill up your icy cooler with plenty of grub for your gang. You can always go for the traditional sandwiches and watermelon, but don’t be afraid to take a patriotic twist. Check out this webpage, this one, and this one for ideas.

Blankets—depending on where you live you’ll need them for wrapping as well as sitting on when the sun goes down. If anyone in the family has a bad back or bad knees, consider packing some light-weight camp chairs as well.

First aid kit—Track down a small first aid kit, and at the very least you’ll be happy to have some band aids on hand just in case.

Odds and ends—During your packing process, also consider these useful items:

  • Mosquito repellant
  • Sunscreen
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Baby wipes
  • Card games
  • Your camera

The Fourth of July is on its way! Be prepared and have fun.

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