organizing a rental

organizing a rental

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Jen Brown

The Holidays have come to an end and there is no reason to wait until spring to get your home organized. Living in a rental it can sometimes feel like a waste of time and money to spend organizing a space you might not be in next year.  After living in the same space for three years, I knew I had to change the way I approached living in a rental.  To start, think of your rental as your home is to stop treating it like a temporary space. Invest in solutions that not only improve the function of your space, but also how it looks. If you can feel good every time you open the door, you are more likely to keep it organized. Here are a few ways you can help make organizing a little easier.

Rotate your closet:
If you are lacking closet space (and lets face it, who isn’t?) organize your closet by season and store out-of-season clothes elsewhere (I store them in my unused luggage under my bed). It makes it easier to purge at the end of each season when you know what you have and haven’t worn throughout the year.  It also feels like shopping in your own closet when you pull out items you haven’t seen in months.

Storage boxes are your friends:
Never underestimate the power of storage boxes. They can store (hide) everything from kitchen and cleaning supplies to DVD’s and office supplies.  Buy them in various sizes and stack them on top of cabinets or under furniture.

Add hooks:
Every door in my apartment has at least two if not four hooks on the inside. Adding hooks are an easy way to add hanging storage to any space and they leave little damage once you move. In fact, in most cases the landlord will be happy if you leave them behind.  On a standard door, hang two hooks. One on the top half for long items like coats and towels and another on the bottom half for purses and belts.

Under the bed:
Need some extra storage space? Raise your bed. I can fit my luggage and two under-bed storage containers under my full size bed where I store my out-of-season clothes and important documents.

I hope these tips inspire you to  look a your space as a home worthy of  your time to organize.