november 24th – shop small

november 24th – shop small

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Kersey Campbell

Did you know there was such a thing as “small business day”? I didn’t! But I am so glad I know now. It’s November 24th and the idea is to shop locally and at small businesses. I love this idea! As a small business owner myself, I am grateful that the country is shifting in the small business direction. It’s wonderful for the economy and is a great way to provide quality and unique gifts for loved ones this holiday season. Here are some places you might try shopping at on November 24th and any time for that matter!

Mom + Pop Places
It could be a diner or an antique shop. These places are generally run by a family that depends on the business for their income. They also tend to have the best food if it’s a restaurant! I love shopping at mom and pop places because you get to start a relationship with the owners. They know you by name and you know them. What could be better? It’s a fantastic way to make business also personal.

Handmade Markets
They are becoming rampant across America! Handmade markets are an awesome way to support not only local vendors, but also the handmade community. My business is in the handmade department and I love participating in these markets. They allow me to interact with the buyers and even explain some of the products that may seem a little different. These handmade markets are a fantastic way to knock out your holiday shopping too! There is no better gift than a quality, handmade one. Am I right?

Remember that little bookshop from You’ve Got Mail? I have always loved little bookshops like that. They are so magical and make you fall in love with reading all over again! I try to take my son to book stores as often as possible in addition to the library. We rent books from the library and if we love it, we go to a local bookshop and buy it! I think it’s a great way to support the local shop owners as well as the authors of the books in the long run. I am a big advocate for books as gifts, especially for kids. So look up a local shop or two that you can go and check out. You’ll thank me later!