New Years Eve Goal Setting

New Years Eve Goal Setting

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Kait Kucy

2017 sure sounds like a promising year, doesn’t it? With 2016 quickly coming to an end, this is the time of year where we start reflecting on our lives and planning out resolutions for the new year. There is nothing more inspiring yet daunting than a fresh piece of paper and a sharp pencil waiting to write down some resolutions. To take a bit of the edge off, start calling them goals instead of resolutions. Instead of resolving and dwelling the past, make bigger changes by turning them into goals be it exercise goals, money management, or a bucket list item.

For the most part, goals are more achievable than resolutions. For example, if you say you resolve to stop eating chips for the entire year of 2017, it is pretty unlikely that you will actually hold yourself to that resolution. However, if your goal is to eat healthier five out of seven days of the week it suddenly sounding a lot more attainable and less restricting on yourself in case you do slip up.

An excellent way to set out on your goal-setting journey is to break down your goals into immediate, short term and long term goals. Personally, I like to have 3-5 goals per category – it is an attainable amount and at the end of the year if you still have a few goals leftover uncompleted you can reassess and plan for working them into your next year.

Once you have created your different categories, start thinking about what kind of goals you want to set for yourself. In my opinion, I think you should dream big but be reasonable. Create goals that mean something to you but also be practical about what you can achieve in one year. Choose things that represent all aspects of your life from career, family, friends, financial, home and happiness. Don’t limit yourself to ‘to-do list’ type goals because if you want change in your life you’ll have to set goals that you actually need to work for – not just cross off in one day.

Lastly, as you sit down on New Years Eve to write these goals, don’t forget to think about how much you have accomplished over the past year. Even if you don’t have a list to reference, you’ll be surprised and inspired by yourself to continue living the life you want live.