new twists on an old tradition: caroling!

new twists on an old tradition: caroling!

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Chelsea Foy

I personally love – and I mean love – Christmas carols. I grew up singing in choir and we would start rehearsal our holiday music in October. So now, my husband has to put up with carols while we’re decorating for Halloween. I know, I’m bonkers.

Now, if you’re not quite as into the whole caroling scene as I am, we’ve come up with a few new twists so that you can still take part in that time-honored tradition, without singing “Jingle Bells” 72 times.  Check out some ideas!

*Bring the caroling to you! Invite friends over for a holiday party and have your musically-inclined friends gather around the piano and sing a few favorites.

*If you love going door to door but don’t have the pipes to sing all night, go door to door with treats instead! Knock and surprise your neighbors with plates of cupcakes or baskets of cookies (lovingly baked, of course).

*Do you have faraway relatives that need a little cheer? Send a cyber carol. Video tape yourself and your neighbors singing and share the clip with your families, wherever they may be. (Or better yet, video chat a carol to someone you love!)

*Invite your neighbors over for a super-fun twist on caroling: a holiday movie sing-a-long! Turn on White Christmas or any other holiday favorite, and let your friends go to town during the song and dance numbers.

*This one’s my personal favorite, and one that might just spread the most cheer of all. Get a caroling group together and head to a retirement community, assisted living facility, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter. Call ahead to see if they’re accepting groups of singers to come and celebrate the holidays with their communities.

If you have any other traditions or ideas, we’re all ears! And now, I have to know – do you like caroling? Leave a comment and let us know.