New in The Hood?

New in The Hood?

Written By

Tiffany Compton

Neighborhoods are dynamic and can often feel new whether we’ve lived in our home for years, or are a recent transplant. So even if you’ve already found your favorite coffee shop, chances are there’s still an awesome little corner of your neighborhood you’ve yet to discover.

Try these four creative hacks to get to know your neighborhood:

#1. Get Lost
It’s tempting to only view the city through your car window with the nav system leading the way. However, each weekend, try meandering down a new street! Sit in the parks and peruse the store windows. Explore 15-30 minutes in a new direction each week.

#2. Start Couponing
All the restaurant and activity options available in your neighborhood can often seem overwhelming. Focus your efforts and sign up for discount marketplaces like Groupon or Scoutmob – you’ll get a curated list of local experiences, stores, and restaurants to help you explore.

#3. Chat With Your Realtor
For recent transplants, using an experienced real estate agent means you’ve also got a neighborhood expert at your side. Take the opportunity to pick their brain, or have them tour you around. They not only know the local market well enough to score you a great deal on your new home, but they know which local favorites are worth your while.

#4. Start Volunteering
Truly feeling like a local in your new community can often take years. Volunteering, however, can be a great way to shorten that timeline. Try pounding the pavement on local political campaigns, or donate time supporting the neighborhood food co-op or food bank.