neighborhood bunco

neighborhood bunco

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Lexy Ward

You remember when your mom used to leave the house when you were little, right? One night a month, she’d get all dolled up and be grinning ear to ear thinking of what was planned for that evening. She wasn’t excited to go out on the town. She was excited for Bunco.

Don’t know what Bunco is, exactly? Here’s Wiki’s explanation. It’s essentially a game of rolling dice repeatedly and looking for a series of numbers. Though tricky to explain, it becomes second nature after the first round. No skills are required. This game is all luck, and that’s partly why it’s such a hit! Nobody is nervous when it’s their turn.

Bunco has been a popular game with women for many years. Our mothers played it, and I’m sure their mothers played it. I recently started a Bunco group with some friends of mine, and it has become a night that I am way too excited for. It’s more than just a dice game. It’s a time when I can connect with my friends and have lots of laughs.

Here are a few suggestions for starting a successful Bunco group:

  • Spread the word: Create unique flyers and give them to your neighbors and girlfriends. If online is easier, use Evite to coordinate the details.
  • Get organized: Find a day of the month that works for everyone. (For example: my Bunco night is the third Thursday of every month.) Create a schedule for the year. Schedule who will host every month and where.
  • Name the prize: While discussing with the group, decide the value of each prize and how many to give at each Bunco night. (There is usually a prize for the winner, loser, and one random player.) Each participant will donate money to the host each month. This will cover the cost of each prize.
  • Make it fun: Create a theme for every month. Casino Night, Witch’s Party, Ugly Sweater Bash—the possibilities are endless! If there’s a holiday during the month, have a themed party around that holiday. Encourage people to dress up! Best costume wins a prize.
  • Print it: Here are a few links to printables for your parties. Click here, here, and here.

Once you get all of the little details worked out, start planning for your first game night. Invite your neighbors to bring different dishes and have a potluck. Invite your husbands for the holidays. People are usually traveling during this time, so you will most likely have a few openings. Why not clue your husband in on the fun?

Are you already in a Bunco group? Looking to join one? Please let us know what you love about this fun game!

Photo by Steve A Johnson