nature inspired centerpieces

nature inspired centerpieces

Written By

Heather Mildenstein

As often as I can, I love bringing nature inside my home to decorate with! I love this because it’s so versatile and you can change the arrangement up to match any style. I recently created three different centerpieces with simple objects around the house that anyone can do! These ideas are great because they can easily be adapted for any winter holiday by just a few quick changes.

For The Minimalist

-tree branch, about 2″-4″ in diameter
– tea lights

Simply saw the branch into 1″ thick discs. You can sand the surfaces down if you’d like, but I didn’t. Line them up in a row and place the tea lights in the center of each disc.
I took the tea lights out of the tins for a cleaner look.

Happy Harvest Centerpiece

-white pumpkin or gourd
-interesting looking branches
-two colored jars or vases (mine are from Ikea)
-small cake stand or something to add height
-tree branch discs (see above instructions)
-tea lights

Look around your house for fun jars and containers to use for this. You’d be surprised even what you can find in your fridge to empty and use. If you don’t have a cake-stand, you can go to the thrift store, find a plate and candlestick or vase, and glue them together to make one yourself!

Winter Wonderland Centerpiece

-white vases, pitcher, containers
-tree branch discs (see above for instructions)
-tea lights
-white pom-pom garland (or any holiday garland you’d like!)
-large, wide bowl (this one is from Ikea)

This centerpiece is great to keep up all throughout the holiday season! Gather white or cream serving ware, tree branches, and tea lights and have at it! This garland was handmade by simply crocheting a long strand, and attaching pom-poms along the strand. You can make your own or buy one at a craft store. Another way you can glam things up is by spray painting the branches a fun color or by adding tinsel.