moving day – enlisting help

moving day – enlisting help

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Kersey Campbell

Moving day can be so very stressful. It really helps to have a specific plan in line with people to help you and your family out on the big day. Here are a few tips on how to make your moving day a little less stressful!
Enlist Help

Now is the time to cash in your favors. For all of those times you have helped your neighbors, family, and friends to move, clean, do yard work, watch the kids, or what have you, now it’s their turn to return the favor! You can assign people different time slots to come and help so you don’t have everyone there all at once. That way, you can make sure you have a job for everyone and no man power is wasted with no task to accomplish. If you need help cleaning as well as moving, think about who you can ask to come and help for which jobs. It would also help to have a room that is already packed up and cleared out with a few toys for the kiddos to play in. And you will probably want to make sure a responsible adult supervises the kids while their parents are helping out. But the best tip for getting people to come and help out? Bribes! Get the best donuts from the best bakery in town, or the favorite local pizza. Food can do wonders for someone’s attitude about helping. Another great way to get people to come is to turn moving day into a party! This one is my favorite. Have music playing, great food and drinks, and you can even make the packing and cleaning part a game of sorts with a prize for the winning team. It’s loads of fun and it hardly feels like work at all!

Make a Schedule

No matter if you decide to throw a moving day party or not, it is a great idea to be as organized as possible by having a detailed schedule and plan. Sit down with your family and make a plan. What will happen when and what makes the best sense logically. For example, you don’t want to clean and wipe down the cabinets until after the dishes are packed. Things like that. You can even assign certain people to certain tasks before the big day. My husband is a whiz at making everything fit into a small space, so I like to put him on loading up the truck duty. While my mom is really good at making sure every tiny space is perfectly clean, so she is usually in charge of managing people on the cleaning crew. You get the idea. If you have a limited amount of time, it would help to give yourself an hour by hour schedule as well, and be sure to incorporate time for those food bribes!