making the perfect snowman

making the perfect snowman

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Giulia Doyle

Making a snowman is a winter activity that most of us living in a winter climate remember doing. And if you didn’t grow up with snow, I’m sure you’ve seen numerous images of the perfect snowman sitting on a front lawn.

Making a snowman is a simple endeavor, right? You just grab some snow, pile it up, and add a carrot and you’re done. Well, it’s not always that simple. The key to the perfect snowman or snowwoman is the snow! The light and fluffy snow won’t do it. It may look perfect falling from the sky, but it won’t stick and therefore won’t stay put.

Simple steps to build your snowman

Wait for a decent amount of wet and heavy snow. If you make a snowball in your hand it has to compact well and stay together as a nice solid ball. A perfect snowball will give you a perfect snowman.

  1. Start with a snowball and put it on the ground; then roll the snowball across the accumulated snow, rolling and rolling until you have a large ballthe size of a bosu ball would be great. Roll it to where you want your snowman to live and pat it down so it has a nice round shape and sits sturdily.
  2. Repeat step one and create a second, smaller ball – about the size of a medicine ball. Lift it on top of your bigger ball. Make sure you connect the two balls with a bit of snow and pat it into shape.
  3. Make a third ball about the size of a basketball – that’s your head. Add it to the top of the other two balls; pat down and make sure it sits without wobbling.
  4. Now the fun part – making three balls of white snow look like a snowman! It’s all about the accessories:
  • You can go au natural and add a carrot for a nose, rocks for eyes and buttons and branches for arms.
  • You can raid your closet and add a scarf, a hat (make sure it won’t blow off) and mitts.
  • You can buy snowman decorating kits that come with fabric or plastic buttons, plastic carrots and top hats.
  • The choices are endlessjust make sure you create some kind of face.

You can add to your snowman by creating a snowwoman following the same instructions. Or make snow children by only piling up two balls. Make a snow neighborhood and gather all the snow you can! Have fun, be creative, and keep those hands warm with waterproof gloves!