making the neighborhood pets feel loved

making the neighborhood pets feel loved

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Sarah Khandjian

We often think about ways to welcome new neighbors into our community, but have you ever thought about doing something to let their pets know you’re just as happy that they are part of the neighborhood too? Create a simple gift basket filled with pet friendly items for your neighbor to let them know you appreciate their pet as much as you appreciate them!

Start by finding a basket that can do double duty. I used a small woven basket that will make a great toy bin for our neighbor’s dog. Then I filled it with dog biscuits and bones. If you’re making a basket for a cat you can include cat treats and a catnip plant (great gift if your neighbor has a green thumb). I also included waste pick up bags and a bag dispenser. This is a practical gift that will help keep your parkways clean.

Add a few more fun details to the basket by downloading and printing the tags I made. If the pet owner is new to the neighborhood, the first card is a great way to share your favorite pet friendly spots around town. You can even glue a magnet to the back of the card so they can keep it on their fridge. Finish the gift basket with some paw printed tissue paper and tie on the printable gift tag I made. Remember to write in the pet’s name for a personal touch.

If you have a neighbor with an cute pup or cuddly cat, let them know you’re glad their pet is part of your community by creating a simple pet gift basket. Their pets will adore you for it and you may make a few good (human) friends too!