make a cookie map

make a cookie map

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Erin Boyle

I’m a huge fan of the homemade cookie. I prefer to eat them when they’re fresh out of the oven and still so hot they collapse in my hands and scald the roof of my mouth. Almost as good as a  fresh-out-of-my-oven cookie, is a fresh-out-of-someone-else’s-oven cookie.  Figuring out the best place to score delicious cookies in a new neighborhood is one of the first missions I undertake after a move.

For the afternoons when creaming my own butter and sugar isn’t in the cards, I love being able to rely on a neighborhood bakery for a little afternoon treat. In our neighborhood in Brooklyn, we’re especially lucky to have One Girl Cookies just a few blocks away from our apartment. Cooler temperatures mean an afternoon break for a sweet and hot cup of tea are practically required this time of year. On a busy afternoon, you can often find me ducking into the shop for one of their famous pumpkin whoopie pies with cream cheese frosting or orange butter cookies. Rather than keeping my favorite spot for afternoon sweets a secret, I like the idea of bringing goodies from a favorite bakery right to a new neighbor’s front door.

To be sure I was delivering something that could be properly enjoyed, I’d check in to be sure my neighbors didn’t suffer from  any unfortunate allergies and then I’d fill up a pastry box with a hearty selection of sweets for them to try. In lieu of a card, I’d draw a little map of the neighborhood, marking the route from their house to the bakery. I like to think that it’d serve as a little guide to lead them back for future indulgences. Like I’ve said before, it’s not that new neighbors can’t do their own exploring, but sometimes it’s nice to offer them a little push in the right direction.