Impress Your Overnight Guests With Home Automation

Impress Your Overnight Guests With Home Automation

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Anabelle Bernard Fournier

Have you ever been excited to welcome overnight guests to your home, only to run into all kinds of logistical problems? If you’re not home when they get here, how will they get inside? If they want to head out when you’re not home, how do you keep the house secure? How do you ensure they’re not causing damage to your house while you’re at work, or they don’t enter parts of your house you don’t want them to see?

With home automation, you can solve these problems with ease. Let’s have a look at specific smart home features that can make you a better host for overnight guests.

Let your guests in and out easily

a bunch of keys and keychains

Traditionally, you have one of two options for locking doors: Either you have to be home to let your overnight guests in and out, or you give them a spare key. Both solutions have problems. Sometimes you just can’t be home, and spare keys can be easily lost. If they arrive at your house while you’re at work, can you leave to let them in?

Enter the smart lock. Give your guests a temporary code for their stay, and let them access your home as they wish. As soon as they leave, you can remove the code from the lock, securing your home once again. You don’t need to be there to open or lock the door behind them. With smart lock data, you’ll know when your guests leave and come back, because you’ll receive an alert on your phone whenever they enter their code.

Smart locks give your overnight guests the freedom they want during their stay, without the risks to your home. Another added benefit: You can install the technology inside your home to protect areas you don’t want guests to access, such as the bedroom, the office or the workshop.

Check in on your guests

child playing instruments

Indoor cameras are practical for a number of reasons. They let you keep an eye on what’s happening in your home, whether it’s the kids after school, the new babysitter or your pets while they’re home alone. But, they’re also great for staying in touch with your family or for providing the peace of mind that you can see your home whenever you like.

First things first: You should probably let your overnight guests know there are cameras around. It’s only polite. But then, feel free to check in on them from time to time — not to snoop, just to ensure that they’re comfortable. Are the kids alone while the adults are out? Check in with your cameras to make sure that the cousins aren’t up to anything dangerous (or dangerously fun!).

You can also easily show your guests how to use the doorbell camera in case people come knocking while you’re away. This ensures safety for your guests and your home.

Make their stay memorable

With easy access in and out of your home and safety features like indoor and doorbell cameras, your guests will enjoy their stay in your home. A vacation is no fun when everyone’s worried about keys, schedules or safety for the kids, so give them — and yourself — the peace of mind needed to relax.

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