How Using Cloud Technology Saved a Precious Memory

How Using Cloud Technology Saved a Precious Memory

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Lolly Spindler

Teaching people how to use technology can be frustrating. I can’t tell you how many times my parents have asked me to help them with their mobile phones, tablets, cameras and computers. It’s as if they’re completely technology-illiterate. So, when my grandmother called me to ask for help with uploading photos using cloud technology, I wasn’t surprised. I hadn’t been to see her for a while, so this was a great excuse for a visit!

We picked a time after my classes and before her dinner engagement to meet for tea and teaching time.

Tea at Grandma’s

Tea pot with bowl of lemons and limes

I arrived at Grandma’s house a little after 3 p.m. It was a lovely day, so we decided to catch up outside and enjoy our tea. It was during our conversation that she told me how grateful she was that I had taken time out of my day to help her.

She had been going through her old photo albums and realized that some of her photos had been damaged due to poor storage conditions. Therefore, she had resolved to scan all her photos and save them on her computer.

Grandma told me how the nice man at the copy and print shop had taught her how to scan the photos and save them on a USB drive. Now she needed my help to take the photos from the USB drive, uploading them to her computer and saving them using cloud technology.

A walk down memory lane

Before we got to work, however, my grandmother asked if I’d like to look through some old photo albums since she still had them out. Excited, I said yes. I loved looking at old photographs, learning about my family and hearing my grandma’s stories.

Grandma started with her family album, which had pictures of her as a girl with braids and adorable dresses her mother would make her. She pointed out her siblings, and told me a story of one trip to the beach when they came across a jellyfish on the sand and how they poked and prodded it with sticks.

Next, she pulled out her wedding album. She smiled the entire time we looked at the pictures from her wedding day. My grandfather, or Papa as I had called him, had only passed a few years before. She looked absolutely beautiful in the photographs. Her dress — the same one my mother had worn — was timeless, and she looked simply radiant.

“Maybe you’ll get to wear too it someday soon,” she said with a wink.

Last, we looked at an album with pictures of my mother and uncle as children. I laughed at many of the photographs. My mother was such a little troublemaker. In most of the photos, her face was smeared with chocolate or ice cream or dirt.

Teaching time

USB stick on table

We soon realized the time and how we better get to work before my grandma had to leave for dinner. She pulled out her laptop and we sat down together at her desk.

It turns out Grandma is more tech savvy than I thought! She showed me how she regularly used her laptop to check her email, browse the Internet, watch videos and even poke around social media.

However, she had never loaded photos onto her computer before, so it was time to get down to business.

First, I showed her how to create a folder on her desktop and drag her photos from the USB to said folder. Next, she insisted on me showing her how to upload them to the cloud. She had recently purchased Space Monkey from Vivint, and told me that after all these photos were uploaded to the cloud, all the new pictures she took from her phone would automatically be saved to her Space Monkey device using cloud technology. Grandma had really done her research!

We quickly set up her account and moved her existing photos to her Vivint cloud storage, then made sure her phone was properly set up. We took a photo together to make sure everything was storing properly. When we checked online, there it was. Our mission complete, and my grandmother needing to leave for dinner, we kissed each other goodbye and made tea plans for the following month.

A great phone call

A week later, my grandma called me sounding incredibly relieved. She told me she had accidentally deleted our wonderful photo from her phone. She had been incredibly upset — she cherished tokens of the time she spent with her grandchildren — until she remembered that it had automatically saved to her Space Monkey device and to the cloud.

She went online to find it, and told me how happy she had been when she saw it was still there. She then invited me and my family to be a part of her account so we too could see all her precious memories. All in all, my grandmother’s request to have me help her out with her tech problem turned into a memory I truly cherish. Not only did I get to spend some quality time with an amazing woman, I learned about my family and helped ensure our family history is preserved for years to come.

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