How to Make Halloween Flashlight Projections

How to Make Halloween Flashlight Projections

Written By

Chelsea Foy

Remember making flashlight projections when you were little? Mine always turned out looking like blobs while my sister’s were totally perfect. I never could quite figure it out! But I’ve since refined my technique and I’m so excited to show my little guy some super cool Halloween flashlight projections this year. Follow these few simple steps and you can make your own proejctions too!


  • Large flashlight
  • Black cardstock
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Pen


Step 1: Start by tracing a circle the size of the glass on the front of your flashlight. Cut out the circle with scissors.

Step 2: In the center of the circle, draw a spooky Halloween shape! It’s best if your shape can connect with the outer edge of the circle in at least two places; this helps allow for a ring to remain around the outside of the circle.

Step 3: With a craft knife, cut out the shape, leaving it connected to an outer ring on the circle.

Step 4: Insert the shape onto the front of your flashlight. If you’ve cut it to the right size, it should lodge in the face of the flashlight and stay. If not, feel free to use a little clear tape to hold it on.

Optional Step 5: If your images are not as clear as you’d like, you can unscrew the head of your flashlight and remove the reflector. Then screw the head back on and it’ll clear up your images. This reduces the light output of your flashlight but it might help your shapes not look like blobs!

That’s it! Make as many shapes as you like and experiment shining them on the wall or take them out while you’re trick-or-treating. It’s fun to move farther or closer to walls and see the shapes come in and out of focus. (It’s also a perfect little experiment to help your kiddos learn about light!) As always, wishing you a safe and spooky Halloween! xoxo