how to get the most out of your customer service call

how to get the most out of your customer service call

Written By

Heather Mildenstein

Most of us avoid calling customer service in any business for help to fix our problems as a very last resort because, let’s face it, we’ve probably all had experiences with customer service calls that have made us feel violent! When it does come time though to just bite the bullet and call, there are a few things that you can do to make it a more productive and pleasant experience.

  1. Check the company’s website first for help. They often have an entire public online database of solutions for most problems you may encounter.
  2. Call when you have carved out the time to have them help you troubleshoot if necessary.
  3. Gather everything you need before you make the call. You’ll probably need things like: Account number, Account Password, Ticket number (if you’ve called before) Paper and Pen
  4. Write down your exact problem clearly and concisely so you don’t accidentally get carried away with your life story.
  5. Get the representative’s name and ticket number. Don’t be afraid to ask for their direct line, which is very helpful if you need to deal with the problem later.
  6. Be polite and persistent. Stay calm and collected at all times. The representative will be much more receptive to your problems if you don’t act like an angry person.

So, next time you need to call any customer service, be prepared before the call with items and the exact problem, take a deep cleansing breath, be nice and patient, and help them help you!